Leading Space Market Business

TZero has widespread business development and technical capabilities in the space market. Helping clients increase revenue and grow their business.


Grow your revenue with TZero

TZero has extensive business development capabilities to help companies identify and create opportunities, develop effective product engagement and sales plans, engage with the right customers, and increase sales.

TZero personnel are past US Government program managers who understand the procurement and acquisition process. They have worked extensively with VC's and other private funding sources, understand commercial investment strategies, and have worked with over 50 companies in a BD capacity over the last 25 years ranging from large DoD primes to small Silicon Valley startups.

TZero has a particularly strong background in the DoD and IC markets and can help effectively shape business development strategies in these areas. We focus on the bottom line- following the money, creating opportunities, engaging in the right way, and increasing your revenue.

Market Assessments

Detailed evaluations of the commercial and government space markets to help understand mission dynamics, investment trends, major competitors, driving architectures, and projected investments.


Current relationships with major defense and commercial primes help smaller companies develop relationships and increase sales opportunities on larger programs.

Strategic Planning

Laying out short and long term investment and product development plans based on current market conditions, government architectures, and budgetary constraints.

Government Engagement

Understanding government customers helps focus BD efforts. TZero can help determine current budget dynamics, upcoming programs, key POC's, and engagement strategies.

Competitive Assessments

Review of current and projected competitors to assess capability discriminators, performance, schedules, and pricing.  Assessment of suitability for specific opportunities.

Red & Gold Team Reviews

Extensive experience with a wide range of commercial and government proposals along with past experience as government personnel evaluating proposals provides a valuable resource to help shape, focus, and refine proposals.

TZero Has the Right Business Development Relationship for Your Unique Needs

We work with customers in a variety of time and contractual formats and can be flexible based on your available resources, budget, and internal personnel skills.  Give us a call today to review your need areas and discuss how we can be a part of a near-term solution.

Technical Due Diligence

A strong background in aerospace engineering, systems engineering, process management, and quality help TZero personnel effectively evaluate products, requirements, technical capabilities, and development strategies. 

We work with companies to help them understand how their products compare to competitors, understand if there is alignment with government and commercial architectures and other investments, and determine if changes need to be made.  We help the management to understand the risks and potential costs of new product development strategies.


Investment Reports

TZero has worked with a wide range of VC and financial companies putting together market and investment due to diligence reports.  These reports generally focus on market suitability, competitive landscape, technical maturity, programmatic and technical risks, regulatory constraints, and business strategies. 

Our deep understanding of the space market combined with technical depth provides high-level recommendations based on detailed analysis to help guide and shape investment decisions.

Merger & Acquisition Support

As part of the M&A due diligence process TZero can help your internal assessment team with an independent and detailed assessment of the competitive strengths and weaknesses of potential M&A targets.

We evaluate both technical and programmatic aspects of the company and provide an in-depth understanding of the competitive and market landscape that investors can expect. We evaluate personnel and facility details (including manufacturing strengths and weaknesses) and identify risks that must be considered.